Monday, November 23, 2009

Virtual (Re)Play: How to Run Ganakagok

The last episode of Virtual Play was #42, How to Run Ganakagok. It's available on the Internet Archive here.

We're Starting Over

"Virtual Play" is dead; long live virtual play!

We don't know what happened or how, but apparently there was a problem with the files for Virtual Play, the podcast of RPG audio excerpts and commentary my brother Mel White created over two years ago. For weeks, anyone typing in the Web address "" would get only a blank page. The people at investigated and determined that something got corrupted, which meant that two years of posts were gone, even if the podcast files behind them were still on the ftp server.

So Mel and I talked about it, and decided to make a fresh start. This is where we'll make old episodes available, and create new ones as well, because using actual play recordings to figure out what's going on at the table, and how to play better, is still too good an idea to pass up.

Contact me at, or Mel at, if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

-- Bill